Meet our team

Dedicated to representing our clients in Nashville and across Tennessee

Nathan possesses over 35 years of experience in both the public and private sectors and has built a strong reputation on Capitol Hill as a respected hard worker who produces tangible results through well-executed lobbying efforts.

Holly has served in various capacities in Tennessee State Government and on Capitol Hill for over 25 years with an unwavering ability to deliver wins and set clients up for long-range success.

Luke has extensive experience in the public and private sectors as an established thoughtful advocate with a gift for guiding clients through the inner workings of state government.

Trammel is known on Capitol Hill for leveraging strategic procurement and deploying his deep understanding of state processes to set clients up for success and deliver wins.

Katie serves as a fierce advocate for education clients with deep ties to Tennessee's business community and is known for creating effective internal communications structures and strategies for clients.

Sweet Patel Director of Operations Johnson Poss Kirby Office Administration

Sweeti serves as director of operations at JPK where she manages office tasks, prepares client reports and provides support to partners and stakeholders.